The fastest way to be rescued

FlagMii is the smartphone app for your safety, in case of any kind of emergency. A single tap on the screen and your rescuers will be able to reach you right where you are.

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Direct line with rescuers

FlagMii directly interacts with the emergency services. Get constantly updated notifications for your safety on your smartphone.

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Why is it important?

Information about your position is crucial for 112 and 911 rescuers.

In fact, acquiring you position in real time, your rescuers can send an ambulance or a helicopter while you are still explaining what's happened. Sometimes a few minutes can make the difference between life and death.


With FlagMii® emergency app you can call the emergency number in a few seconds and let rescuers know where you are. This way you will be helped in as little time as possible.


Sometimes you don't exactly know where you are. And you may not be able to guide those who are supposed to find you. In such circumstances, FlagMii® acts on your behalf, indicating your exact position to your rescuers, even in locations that are hard to reach.


When things go wrong, even the simplest action can be difficult. With FlagMii®, the tap of a finger is all you need to call 118 and transmit all the basic information required to be rescued.


Prevent dangerous situations! With FlagMii®, specific authorities can inform you about dangerous situations: you choose what you're interested in; they'll keep you informed, always respecting your privacy.

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The app is compatible with most popular smartphones. Download it and keep it ready for use: in case you won't need it, FlagMii® will remain idle, and will not transmit any information or consume your phone resources!

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